8 Activities For Kids On Christmas

8 Activities For Kids On Christmas

Chrismas Day gets a WHOLE lot easier if the kids have lots to do. The presents often get played with but the days after you may be looking for extra activities for them. Here is our list that has kept us sane over the years. 


Please feel free to comment below with any activities or ideas you may have. By doing so you will have a chance to win a free gift (drawn at the end of each month). Share it on Facebook and we will love you forever.


1. Write Santa a letter. Royal Mail offers a free service where he will write back. Just remember to send it by the 9th of December. More information can be found here.

2. On the computer printout some colouring-in sheets. Let them choose the ones they want and you have just gained yourself an hour of free time.

3. Activities!! Make a gigantic fort in the living room!

4. Art & Craft. A few weeks before, keep all the old toilet paper rolls, get the leftover wrapping paper and buy some felt tip pens. Pop down and get some crafty stuff from your local stationery shop and spend some time making some really cool art and crafty things. 

5. Get out the old board games. Some of these classic games have been stashed away but really the kids love them. Get the adults involved too for a fun-filled afternoon.

6. Candy Cane Hunt. Hide some candy canes all over the house and then come up with some clues to find them.

7. Get your bakers hat on and bake some delicious cookies or cupcakes.

8. Make some pipe cleaner Christmas trees.

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