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Blast From The Past 80's Kit

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The perfect gift for those who rocked the 80's

Let us be frank here... the 80's were awesome! We know it, you know it, and it will never be the same again. A virus was an illness, 3D movies were mind-blowing, Saturday morning was TV time, a telephone certainly wasn't mobile and no one had heard of the internet. Mullets were out in full force, mixtapes were all the rage, Michael Jackson was defining music and Justin Bieber wasn't even close to being born (phew). We may not see the 80's again but we do have the next best thing... an 80's gift pack created specifically to bring back all the great memories of this wonderful decade. This is the perfect unique gift for all gadget geeks and anyone who was born or lived throughout the 1980's.

Your 80's Blast From The Past Gift Pack Contains:

  • 1.44mb Floppy Disk. A beautiful gadget that would hold about a quarter of a song. It never failed to impress us how much storage it held. Today the save button on our computer serves as a perfect reminder of what it looked like. Kids today are marvelled by the floppy disk.
  • Cassette Tape. This Philips FX Ferro badboy cassette tape was what we held our music obsession on. You could record music from the radio if you were fast enough to hit record when your favourite song came on.
  • An original Garbage Pail Kids card. This card is actually from the 80's. They were the iconic fun trading card that always provided a good laugh.
  • Calculator Watch. These peaked in popularity in the 1980's. If you had one of these, people knew you mean business. Today they are cool in their own special way. 
  • MP3 Player. You think your iPhone is good for music? This MP3 player has a 20-hour battery life... beat that! Tiny enough to be used for when you go for a jog. Just add a memory card up to 32GB. 
  • 3D Glasses. Just in case you happen to see a 3D movie sometime soon, these 3D glasses are actually kinda fun to wear for a laugh. The first 3D movie was actually in 1922 but made popular throughout the 80's.
  • Credit Card Sized Calculator. Another tech gadget only for the seriously cool people out there. Pair this up with the MP3 player, calculator watch and floppy disk and you are ready for one big LAN party.
  • Stickers! We then ensure the box is encrusted with the most random stickers we can find. Old school stamps on the front and 80's themed stickers on the front and inside.

To make this more fun we send them out with different stickers, random coloured MP3 players and random coloured calculator watches. All Garbage Pale Kid stickers are also different in each pack. 

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