Own Handwriting Engraving Option

Having your own handwriting on our watches is the absolute latest service we offer. Born from demand created by our customers, we quickly perfected the art.


1. Purchase the watch you would like and choose the 'Own Handwriting Engraving Style'. 

2. Take a piece of paper and in black pen write the message you would like. 

3. Try follow the best practice guidelines below.

4. Take a photo of your creation and upload it (on the product page beside "add to cart button") or alternitvly you can email it to info@lostworldgifts.co.uk

5. That's it! We will do the rest. 


Best Practice Guidelines:

- Try and keep it to a maximum of 3 words per line.

- Try and keep it to a maximum of 3 lines of text (9 words in total).

- You can draw / write whatever you like.

- You may draw it any size you like as we will scale it down to fit on the watch.

- If you have too many words, the engraved text will end up being quite small so the less words, the better.

- The engravable area on the watch is approximately 10mm high x 20mm wide so whatever you write or draw will be scaled down to this size.

- Best practice examples are shown below.